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Night, forever. But within it, a city, shadowy and only real in certain ways. The entity cowered in its alley, where the mist was rising. This could not have happened!
Yet it had. The streets had filled with… things. Animals! Birds! Changing shape! Screaming and yelling! And above it all, higher than the rooftops, a lamb rocking back and forward in great slow motions, thundering over the cobbles…
And then the bars had come down, slamming down, and the entity had been thrown back.
But it had been so close! It had saved the creature, it was getting through, it was beginning to have control… and now this…
In the darkness, above the rustle of the never-ending rain, it heard the sound of boots approaching.
A shape appeared in the mist.
It drew nearer.
Water cascaded off a metal helmet and an oiled leather cloak as the figure stopped and, entirely unconcerned, cupped its hand in front of its face and lit a cigar.
Then the match was dropped on the cobbles, where it hissed out, and the figure said: “What are you?”
The entity stirred, like an old fish in a deep pool. It was too tired to flee.
“I am the Summoning Dark.” It was not in fact a sound, but if it had been, it would have been a hiss. “Who are you?”
“I am the Watchman.”
“They would have killed his family!” The darkness lunged, and met resistence. “Think of the deaths they have caused! Who are you to stop me?”
“He created me. Quis custodiet ispos custodes? Who watches the watchmen. Me. I watch him. Always. You will not force him to murder for you.”
“What kind of human creates his own policeman?”
“One who fears the dark.”
“And so he should,” said the entity, with satisfaction.
“Indeed. But I think you misunderstand. I am not here to keep the darkness out. I’m here to keep it in.” There was a clink of metal as the shadowy watchman lifted a dark lantern and opened its little door. Orange light cut through the blackness. “Call me… the Guarding Dark. Imagine how strong I must be.”
The Summoning Dark backed desperately into the alley, but the light followed it, burning it.
“And now,” said the Watchman, “get out of town.”
"Thud" by Terry Pratchett, who is, in my opinion, the greatest allegorist to ever have lived. All his books are intimate explorations; searchings and explorations into the nature of contemporary society, and the moral nature of the reader. Couching his arguments in silly names, incredibly funny jokes and the veneer of fantasy - goblins, trolls, humans, dwarves, vampires and werewolves, Terry Pratchett causes the reader to examine our own society. And they get better as the series progresses. "Thud", written in 2005, is and remains my favourite of the 39 volume series, yet "Snuff", published this year, is if possible, even better, in terms of its message. Give the books to a bigot, a racist or a misogynist and they will change their minds, while laughing their heads off. But after they finish the books, they may go quiet for a bit, as new thoughts work their way in their brains. And the world becomes a slightly better and more equitable place. Thanks to this great writer.
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